Why a Uke Bass? [EDDYFINN.COM]

Everyone who has come into the store and tried the bass ukulele have really liked it. If you are wanting to learn more, here is an excerpt from EddyFinn.com that goes into more detail. Be sure and click to read the full article.

The Ukulele bass is a more recent addition to the uke family than it’s conventional brothers and sisters.

While these instruments can be thought of as “ukulele” because of their size and the fact of being offered almost exclusively by ukulele companies, they really have more in common with an upright bass than a uke.

It’s all about the strings! Equipped with large diameter Silicone strings which have an “at first” strange rubber feel unlike any bass you have ever played.

The big surprise however is still waiting and isn’t evident until you plug it in. Be prepared for the big upright bass tone of this little instrument.