Ukulele – Plastic or Wood? [EDDYFINN.COM]

We carry a variety of wood type ukulele’s and have taken a liking to composite ukuleles as well. Here is an excerpt from that helps explain the two. Be sure and click to read the full article.

Ukuleles not only come in different sizes but also different materials. The type of material used is the preference of the user so how do you decide which is best for you?

Wood Ukes: Some woods are selected for their sound qualities, some for their cosmetic appeal and some for both. Wood ukes are also offered in the variety of “all laminate”, “all solid” and “solid top with laminate back and sides”.

Composite Ukes: Composite or “plastic” ukes are a lot simpler and less maintenance than wood. An obvious advantage these instruments have over wood is that they are not affected by water, heat or cold. This makes them a great “all terrain” “all weather” companion you can stick in your canoe or kayak without much worry.